About us...

We are an emerging brand born Miami, a married couple where she is a publicist and lifestyle blogger, he is a systems engineer, both Venezuelans who achieved the balance and passion to create a brand that merges fashion and good vibes: this is how it was born Woodensun.

For both of them, the environment is a concern, that is why from the first moment they thought that Woodensun would be Eco-fashion, that is why they strive to be a brand with purpose, where most of their products are friendly to the planet, being wood and biodegradable vegetable acetate its main materials and also in association with ONE PLANTED TREE, every year for each lens sold, a tree is planted and thus together we help to have a better world.

Their collections are inspired by that they enjoy the most: traveling, and this is how the names of each of the models are born: cities, people and corners of the world that have taken their breath away and allowed them to dream big.

Saving the planet is fashionable.




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